Recent & Present Projects:

External Store:

In July/August 2022 a new external wooden store was installed at the rear of the hall to store bulky, low value items which had previously been stored under covers outside and off the premises. The store will provide greater protection and ease of use for these items.

Replacement Flooring:

After many years of use and repeated sanding and restaining the commmittee decided to upgrade the flooring in the hall with a commercial grade vinyl flooring product. The new flooring was installed in October 2022, making the Village Hall a cleaner, brighter and warmer space.

Electical Upgrade:

After several years of piecemeal additions to the three phase electrical distribution system in the Village Hall an external electrical contractor has been used to upgrade and consolidate the electrical systems to improve future flexibility and to simplify the existing distribution.

Previous Projects have greatly enhanced the appearance of the Hall and include:

Kitchen Improvements:

During the summer of 2020 work was undertaken by a team of volunteers to improve the kitchen storage, increase working space and replace the cooker with a new double oven Range Cooker. During the work an internal wall in the kitchen was removed, the wall between the kitchen and the external store room was lined and insulated and a redundant external door was covered over.

Internal Store Room Rebuild:

In 2019 a grant funded project was undertaken to rebuild the store room adjoining the South West corner of the Hall, which was in a poor structural state. In addition to completely rebuilding the store, external ground works were undertaken to create a path around the rear of the hall to improve emergency egress and divert surface water from the car park away from the main Hall building.

Photos Prior to the Works:

Photos of Completed Works:

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