Abbotsley Village Hall is a Registered Charity – Charity Number 302626 – with a remit to “To manage, maintain and encourage the use of Abbotsley Village Hall for the benefit of the local community”.

Abbotsley Parish Council is the Custodian Trustee of the Village Hall and the day to day management of the Hall is undertaken by a group of voluntary trustees who are either elected or representitives of local community groups, as required under the Village Hall Constitution defined in the Conveyance and Trust Deed between Francis Pym and the Parish Council.

Present Trustees include Daniel Follenfant – Chairman of the Trustees and Alan Geach – Treasurer.

The prime function of the Management Committe is to maintain and improve the fabric of the Village Hall and to promote its use in the community. Funding to do this is achieved by a mix of fund raising events thoughout the year, income from Hall rental, grant applications, 200 Club profits and donations from the community.

In most years the prime fund raising event is ‘Feast Week’, with multiple events organised during the week in the Hall, at the Playing Field and in the Eight Bells public house. This is supplemented by a programe of social events held in the Hall throughout the year.

Details of recent improvements undertaken by the Management Committee and other volunteers can be seen in the “Projects” area of this website.

The Village Hall Management Committee are members of Cambridgeshire ACRE Rural Community Council who provide valuable support in engaging with local communities, legislation and funding opportunities.

The Village Hall has also achieved recognition in achieving the Hallmark 1 quality standard based on an external assessment of the management of the Hall and facilities provided.

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